At NBE, we believe inclusion is the watchword for realizing and enhancing best practices.

Ibrahim Abdullahi

Whether it’s improving your designing your maps, acquiring your location and non location-based data, inspiring and running your analysis – providing access to your database and from scratch build, we believe in the powers and resourcefulness of Geo-spatial Systems and the possibilities to help people and communities thrive.

From various tenets, our clients in the public and private sectors count on us to take on the complex challenges and channel innovative solutions, pushing beyond the limits of what is considered possible that push the limits of the word “possible” in conducting spatial analysis, research assistance, data acquisition, database creation and management of Database Management Systems (DBMS) in solution oriented realms.

We have worked on projects that have spanned across transportation, education, environmental sustainability, telecommunications, health, project management, pandemic mapping and more-and have also partnered with civil society, public and private organizations (and MDAs).

We are among Nigeria’s most foremost industry focused Geo-spatial firm that also scale services to students and professionals, delivering professional services throughout the project life-cycle.

We’re planners, designers, analysts, consultants and managers driven by a common purpose to deliver a better world.

And you know what?! We design Fantastic maps!